Unirack Introduces Enhanced Pallet Racking System for Industrial Warehouses

Australia, 24th Jun 2024 – Unirack, a leading provider of industrial storage solutions, has announced the launch of an enhanced pallet racking system designed to improve efficiency and economy in industrial warehouses, unirack.com.au/pallet-racking/. The new system includes two types of selective pallet racking: Unirack and Unidex.

Dan Holthouse, General Manager of Unirack, commented on the launch, stating, “The new pallet racking system offers an economical and efficient solution for warehouse storage. The Unirack and Unidex systems are designed to meet the needs of modern industrial operations, providing robust and versatile storage options.”

The standard uprights pallet racking system is available in lengths ranging from 900mm to 7600mm, with options for larger sizes upon request. Unirack emphasises the use of heavy-duty racking with pre-galvanised uprights, chosen for their cost-effectiveness, durability, and resistance to chipping. This ensuresx that the racking system maintains its integrity and appearance over time.

One of the standout features of Unirack’s service is the delivery and assembly option. Customers can have their racking delivered and installed at their storage location, with the Unirack team handling the entire process, including the removal of packaging. This comprehensive service eliminates the hassle and time associated with self-assembly.

“The team understands the importance of minimising downtime in warehouse operations,” Holthouse added. “The installation service ensures that businesses can have their new racking system up and running with minimal disruption, allowing them to maintain their productivity.”

The Unirack and Unidex systems are engineered to optimise space and improve workflow within warehouses. By offering customisable lengths and robust construction, these systems provide flexibility and reliability, catering to the diverse needs of various industrial sectors.

Looking to the future, Holthouse expressed optimism about the continued innovation at Unirack. “As the team moves forward, Unirack remains committed to developing storage solutions that address the evolving challenges of the industrial sector. The focus will always be on delivering high-quality, durable products that enhance operational efficiency for the clients.”

Unirack’s enhanced pallet racking system is poised to become an integral part of warehouse operations across Australia. With a strong emphasis on quality and customer service, Unirack continues to lead the market in providing top-tier industrial storage solutions.

Unirack is a premier supplier of industrial storage solutions, specialising in pallet racking systems designed for maximum efficiency and durability. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Unirack provides comprehensive services from product selection to installation, ensuring optimal storage solutions for industrial warehouses.

For more information about Unirack’s pallet racking systems or to place an order, contact Unirack at 1300 864 725 or visit their showroom at 22 Commercial Dr, Dandenong South, VIC 3175. Further details can also be found by emailing dandenong@unirack.com.au.

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